My last business trip to Kosovo & Macedonia

My last business trip to Kosovo & Macedonia

Why I report this interesting experience?

Of course it was a business trip but completely different from others until now.

Before reporting about my experience, I‘d like to mention that I know many people in Germany from Balkan countries, such as Kosovo, and Bosnia, etc…

It doesn’t mean that the people in Germany are the same in Kosovo because of the topic „ integration in Germany“

The major people from Kosovo in Germany are already integrated in the German society.

I understood that Turkish people are welcome there and there is a close relationship between both countries. Even the buildings are from Ottoman property. In addition to this, Turkey has many investments e.g. like Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

I had luck that many people spoke Türkisch and for me it was helpful 👍

I thought my German background and Turkish language competency might support my presentation and what’s happend?

I had less information about the culture and no idea about the language. I know there is a delicious kitchen and people behave in a lively manner.

  • Was my assumption confirmed after my trip?
  • what did I learn from this completely new experience?

Usually countries who solved war are reserved and for us from external we should respect this behavior and don’t expect more openness and much more

There are things we can understand once we experience them. It’s a kind of intelligence if we developed empathy without experiencing something to understand. It’s like customer orientation.

To be honest with you, as woman it is quite difficult and it’s recommended to be represented with a Man to be listened to and be taken seriously.

The people there esteem a woman too and they are proud of her but the communication with a man is easier for their perception.

It was a completely new experience for me because it is still quite dark for me but I could understand more to make a decision on how I can work there in the future.

My presentation was important too, even when I was in the background and I organized and managed many processes before I went home. It’s completely ok if things don’t work as expected but the main thing is to develop strategies and empathy to keep up the same target and may be develop more opportunities…

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