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German-Turkish business relationship

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Consulting for successful trading between Germany and the Middle East, Turkey and the Maghreb

Success knows no borders

AlFalah Consulting offers domestic and international companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries reliable advice and support in their expansion and successful collaboration with partners in the Middle East, Turkey and the Maghreb.
We aim to support our clients in building long-term, successful business contacts in Eastern export markets as well as in Germany for steadily growing sales figures. We offer a wide range of services for both operative and strategic business objectives, including the opening up of new markets, customer relationship management, project team building, product marketing and more.

AlFalah Consulting offers:

  • Contact with markets in the Middle East, Turkey and the Maghreb
  • A large network with tried-and-tested partners
  • International experience in industries such as automotive, medical devices, IT and food
  • Organisation and accompaniment of business trips
  • Support during contract negotiations
  • Intercultural consulting and business etiquette
  • Consulting on the integration of staff entering the German labour market from the
    Middle East, Turkey and the Maghreb
  • Strategic development
  • Keynote speeches

Our consulting services for your success

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Many questions, one answer: AlFalah Consulting!

We are your reliable business partner for the consulting, conceptualisation and implementation of your business objectives – no matter how ambitious. Once you have achieved your objectives, we will still be there for you to validate and optimise your project.

One thousand and one advertising ideas: How does marketing work in other countries?2020-02-21T21:41:08+01:00

You’ve already developed your corporate design for your domestic market – but will it work in other markets, too? What do you know about your target group, your competitors, the laws and the marketing language in your target country? Don’t worry – we are here to support the strategic alignment of your marketing goals!

Business etiquette Do you know what your business partners expect?2020-02-21T21:40:18+01:00

Many European businesspeople have trouble knowing how to behave when working together with Arab states. To foster a relationship and partnership with Arab partners based on trust, you have to be familiar with the right nuances. This is where we come in. We will help you prepare for a fruitful business relationship and the successful integration of project teams.

Top or Flop? Does my product stand a chance in Eastern markets?2020-02-21T21:39:07+01:00

We’ve all been there: You have a great idea and you would like to know if it stands a chance
in another country. Let us analyse the potential of your idea and advise you to help you make
the right decision for successful business.



Success knows no borders.
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Consulting for successful trading between Germany and the Middle East, Turkey and the Maghreb

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