During my studies I was allowed to use the home-office working model. I was able to arrange my working hours flexibly. So I successfully kept the balance between work, lectures, internships, and exams.

I was given the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge I had acquired during my studies to project into work, which I received from companies of various sizes, so my internship was recognized as part of my final thesis.

I was able to save time and money and complete my studies on schedule

I started working full time right after my studies, where I could work from my home office. I regularly met my work colleagues at meetings or at annual trade fairs. We exchanged ideas and information via telephone or Skype as needed:

In addition to my professional life, I was able to look after my children as a mother. This gave me peace of mind and my child, security.

It’s worth investing in self-marketing. It’s not the importance of being part of the team that counts

Although I was allowed to work from home, I had to delegate housework to be able to spend my free time with my family and enjoy the well-deserved evening off, cycling, going to the theatre, or other cities and cultures on weekends.

It’s important to complete projects on time with the agreed upon objectives

The search for new professional perspectives has led me to move from the home office to working at the employer’s office. This brought me further in my professional career. I identified new development potential for my career. As a result, I decided to pursue further training. Learning by doing strengthened my motivation more and more. I gained valuable insights from different perspectives in the diverse business processes.

After having obtained sufficient experience, I am now able to gain further experience by working independently. As an employer, I am happy to offer the home office work model as an opportunity for students, mothers, and employees to benefit from savings in travel expenses, time, and taxes. But my will is not enough. My IT infrastructure is still within the scope that I should not worry about IT security. This is very crucial for medium-sized and large companies. In addition, employees should be sensitized as responsible persons.

The more individual this agreement is, the more difficult transparency is. Sufficient opportunities with higher risks. Depending on the situation, the benefits can be weighted