2020 was, with the Pandemic Covid-19 a challenge for many people. We were obliged unplaned for change.

I hope you are one of the audiences who evaluated this situation and identified opportunities even the challenges through habits

Maybe you have been working to change a habit and you cannot recognize the reason to overcome this hurdle. I recommend trying this approach from now on:

Evaluating on thinking, feeling than acting

How can you do this?

If you think about big goals, then you will be demotivated as soon as you do not reach them.

Change your attitudes and set smaller and realistic goals. You will get the motivation to work on them and reach them.

It’s difficult to deal with some people because we simply dislike them.

Is your feeling TRUE?

We are confronted with unexpected conflicts from people who we are sympathetic to us and sometimes we get disappointed by them.

Reflect on your feelings and think about a way of dealing with diversity as a chance to improve yourself consciously

At Acting Level, I am sure that most readers recognize some habits that they have already tried to change. Personally, I can identify several habits from my behavior rather than from my thinking and feeling.

Evaluation at thinking and Feeling level will give you answer why you practice some habits.

Take action and go the first step and take your time.

Find out the causes for your behaviors and prioritize your goals then change your mindset and resulting feelings.

You will be able to manage and monitor your behavior.

Last tip!

During the review of the results of the evaluation, reflect on those habits and ask yourself if they were the causes for achieving your goals.

Remember that goals change and habits should be managed and coordinated to drive balance in your life as base condition for success.

Success at your fingertips