Our name is our nature

Because „الفلاح ◆ AL FALAH“ means ETERNAL SUCCESS.

AlFalah Consulting advises German companies working in the Middle East, Turkey and the
Maghreb, as well as companies from these regions working in Germany.

Interacting with different cultures, mentalities and systems requires more than just sound business knowledge: it also necessitates cultural competence. For a successful and stable business relationship to grow, you need to have a fundamental understanding of different aspects in order to establish mutual trust.
Make wise decisions, communicate your message successfully and act efficiently.

We are your guide to transcending international borders.


Our pragmatic approach will help your company and/or employees to gain the required competence and footing to act with confidence and pave the way for your company’s success. Our personalised consulting service will help you meet your objectives by showing you how to overcome a great variety of hurdles as effectively and purposefully as possible.

Let us help you navigate the path to your success.
Based on trust and on our clear values:

Success: We provide personalised support on your road to success. Benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and empirical values.

Security: We will develop the ideal solution for your target group and your industry to meet your
requirements for the international market, ensuring that you reach your goal.

Quality: We offer practical, efficient and effective support in all aspects – with the necessary skills and in the required language.
Tolerance and appreciation: We have appreciation and respect for our clients and employees.

Trust: We treat our clients’ projects conscientiously. Fairness, trust and reliability are the stable basis for
all of our dealings.

Loyalty: We strongly believe in the value of long-term relationships on the basis of trust.

My skills for your success

Born and raised in Morocco, I have been living in Germany since the age of 18. My degree in computer science and the time spent working as a web and database developer at Merk helped me hone my analytical skills. Thanks to my background and my linguistic skills (I speak Darija, Arabic, French, German, Turkish and English), I was asked to provide support in my husband’s business. The combination of my knowledge of digital technology and my intercultural competence were a great asset there. Over time, both my tasks and my skill sets evolved. I began to enjoy and thrived on being responsible for price negotiations, sales, team management, marketing, event management, digitalisation, process automation and much more. This experience was complemented by a wide range of specialised training. Today, I can confidently say that I am very successful at leading both the operations and strategy of our family business. As you can see, our name is our nature: AlFalah – eternal success!

Meriem Falah ◆ AlFalah Consulting
Managing Director
Inf. Ing ◆ MBA business economist

• Years of international experience
• Effective and efficient approach
• Risk minimisation thanks to thorough preparation
• Outstanding communication skills
• Understanding the culture and the language of various countries
• Moderation skills
• Analytical and strategic thinking
• Bird’s eye perspective

Success transcends borders.